First 100 Days Report

Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc

October 8, 2019


First and foremost, I would like to greet the different officials who are here. Thank you all for joining us.

To the members of the media, friends, ladies and gentlemen, kakailian, naimbag a malem-tayo amin.

It has been officially 100 days since I have started my term and today we would like to look back on what we have accomplished.

As a kick-start, we had consultations with different sectors all but one town, the Laoag City which is scheduled for Thursday.

Over the nine years of Senator Imee, the province has seen rapid and sustained growth that is inclusive. Truly, a hub of equal opportunity, peace and order, and good governance while still upholding our values and vision— Narimat nga arapaap, intay’ amin maragpat!

Although we are now geared towards safeguarding our gains, we still have substantial problems such as healthcare, waste management, calamities and pandemic diseases.

Sapasap a salun-at! We affirm our commitment in further developing the province by investing in the health of our people. Indeed, our people will always be our greatest asset.

With the country facing a nationwide dengue epidemic, Ilocos Norte strengthened its preventive measure against a possible outbreak. The Provincial Health Office (PHO) led the distribution of early dengue diagnostic predictors, larvicides, and insecticides to different rural health units and district hospitals in the province. I signed Executive Order (EO) No. 15-19, enjoining the whole province to "Exercise Extreme Vigilance Against Dengue.” We assured and ensure that all Rural Health Units and medical personnel were fully equipped. And we are glad that our dengue cases are finally plummeted. We have here the graph of our dengue cases and if you could see, our last three weeks have been very low. So we are hoping that we sustain it from the remainder of the year.

I campaigned for a revitalized health sector through upgrading medical facilities and hiring the best medical practitioners.

At present, our hospitals are filling up long-vacant and urgent staff positions, repairing old and damaged wards, as well as increasing expenditure in medicines and laboratory testing.

We amended our consignment ordinance to ensure that is equitable this time around and our successful consignment will help in executing our low balance billing and our universal health care.

We are still waiting for our 3 ambulances that the PCSO has approved for Bangui, Piddig, GRASMH and we will follow up for one more ambulance for next year so each our district hospital has a quality ambulance.

Recently, we championed the inclusive character of our healthcare offerings. Through EO No. 21-19, we created a provincial inter-agency committee to ensure the delivery of basic health services to indigenous peoples and cultural communities in the province.

We also set aside P5 Million for the hazard pay of our health workers which will be given before the year ends.

In our Capitol Express, we initiated recently our anti-flu shots for our senior and soon we will be administering the anti-pneumonia. We also finalized our doctor scholarship which will be implemented next semester at MMSU. We hope that we will produce more homegrown Ilokano doctors who will work at our provincial hospitals as well.

We have also begun strict implementation of RA 10095 to the motorcycle riders. The mayors know that this has been one of my emphases which we need to ensure all our motorcycle riders are of age, have licenses, and have helmets especially when on major roads.

We will also install our water fountains in certain public places for the health of all and also to lessen the usage of plastic.

As promised, we will prioritize the overall wellness of our communities.

Narimat nga aglawlaw! It was said back in 2016 that sustainability is a pillar of Ilocos Norte’s development. We all want cleaner air, cleaner water, and cleaner lands.

We launched our segregation resource campaign on October 3 and we will continue to push for responsible waste management.

A cleaner province is a healthier province. Let us all aim to be cleaner, greener, and healthier. Also before this years end, we will be initiating a cleanest and greenest competition amongst the town and the schools and the barangays, so we are hoping that this will incentivize the LGUs and our schools to aim to be exemplary in their cleanliness.

I have also told ENRO to rank also the worst so that we will conduct shame campaign; that even the dirtiest and brownest or blackest town will also know who they are. But we won’t publicize it.

In line with this, we aim for the full implementation of RA 9003 or the "Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000," and our Anti-Littering Ordinance and our Anti-plastic Ordinance.

The mayors know very well that we allotted P65.6 Million of our development fund for garbage trucks and similar waste management funds for the reuse as per their personalized requests.

We also like to make mention and thank the DENR for their donation, a plastic recovery facility worth P25 Million in Marcos which we are also waiting for. Now more than ever, it is our responsibility to preserve our environment which requires greater effort to ensure the sustainability of our communities.

Agtitimpuyogtayo a mangdalus ti aglawlaw.

Agtultuloy a tarabay para mannalon ken mangalap!Agriculture has always been the lifeline of Ilocos Norte, serving as the major source of livelihood.

As we all know Ineng caused a total of P1.2 Billion worth of damages from P40 Million of which were damages in high value cash crops. Even our fisheries and livestock were damaged.

The Provincial Government had launched a series of relief operations primarily focusing on our farming communities as we delivered various agricultural inputs, conducted cash-for-work and other rehabilitation materials.

Naglaan tayo ng sampung milyong piso (P10 Million) para sa Survival and Recovery (SuRe) Assistance Program para sa ating mga magsasaka. We started to repair our dams and restore our irrigation systems. We will also construct shelters for domesticated animals to avert losses in livestock.

Moreover, the severe flooding affected 22,544 families (92,774 individuals). We have noticed a speedy accumulation of rainwater in thoroughfares and residential areas. Ngunit naging mabagal ang paghupa ng baha. Napag-alaman natin na dahil ito sa mga nakabarang basura sa mga daluyan ng tubig.

For this reason I issued Executive Order (EO) 17-19, ordering the removal of obstructions in waterways. In order to mitigate the adverse effects of heavy rainfall, we took a drastic step to increase collaboration between local government units and concerned agencies. We urged everyone to take part in the exhaustive clean up drive and to undertake proactive measures to clear all water passages. We even included our cash-for-work in this effort.

Hastening our post-calamity efforts were seedlings and fertilizer provisions, alongside interest-free loan assistance from the Department of Agriculture. Aid from the DSWD national headquarters, Chinese Consulate, government agencies, other local government units, and our private partners have also poured in. Walang naging problema sa supply ng relief goods at gamot. Hangga’t mayroon ang probinsya ay mayroon din tayong ipapamahagi sa mga tao. Hindi lang ito para sa mga nasalanta ng “Ineng,” pinaghandaan din natin ang mga paparating pang mga bagyo.

We appreciate all your help, especially the personal appearance of our very own Senator Imee R. Marcos, Senator Bong Go, and Secretary Dar of the DA.

Supporting the expansion of production areas for high value crops, we also distributed agriculture inputs and small farm equipment for garlic seed production programs.

Again, I would like to thank our department heads, our armed personnel, and national government agencies. We cannot overcome Ineng alone. To those who have worked tirelessly, you are the heroes of this calamity. Agyamannak kadakayo amin.

But before “Ineng”, we must not ignore the dangers with the rice tarrification and lifting of import restrictions on rice which resulted in the decline in its market price.

We have appropriated initially a P10 Million for our buy-back program. May pondo ang probinsya para sa mga magsasaka. We will buy some of their stocks at fair market value; we also ensure that the provincial sufficiency of rice that is 250 % will continue.

Apart from optimizing our yield to major cash crops, we also seek to revitalize our arable lands to support organic farming.

We have been told that our soil is dying due to chemicals that are being used for crop harvesting. We addressed this through a series of soil restoration and one of the pioneering areas was the Municipality of Bacarra were we had 50 hectare land which we restored and revitalized. Soil restoration now requires much larger quantities of organic and other inputs.

We are determined to continue assisting our agrarian sector by promoting productivity, innovative practices, and farmer welfare.

Naurnos a transportasion! We have started clearing, repairing, and upgrading Provincial Roads and Metro Ilocos’ arterial roads in order to avoid congestion, as well as provide better rural access. With the revived MINC, we will restart the Night Express. We are also studying a diesel subsidy and medical insurance.

As we commit to a safer and more efficient transportation sector, we continue to find ways on how to ease traffic. Our initiatives include the implementation of an experimental traffic management plan spearheaded by the MINC. We would like to thank the PNP, the mayors and their staffs for their contributions.

With this, we move one step forward to providing safer and more efficient transportation services.

Ad-adu a pagpuonan ken panggedan! Gusto po natin na lalong mapabuti ang buhay ng bawat Ilokano. I’d like to mention, sa tulong po ng Globe Telecom ay nagkaroon na ng Wi-Fi connection ang Provincial Capitol. The Aurora Park and the Laoag City Hall are almost finished and IT Park and Batac City Hall will be the next locations.

We are planning that public parks in other city and municipal halls will be the next locations as well as schools and hospitals.

We also passed a resolution reprogramming 800,000 worth of budget for national certificate assessment fees.

This is for our tech-voc senior high gradates. We are told that that is the limitation sa pag certify sa kanila. Maybe our mayors can help in the implementation. Sa mga SHS natin kung gusto niyo magkaroon ng NC II National Certification, the Provincial Government can fund that.

As of yesterday we are now in the last stages of our BIG 3 design plans.

I can say that we are off to a good start. Honestly, I know I could do better but I believe that I have done the best as I could and I am proud of what we have achieved and we acknowledge our areas for improvement and we highlight those as our priorities. We will preserve what worked well and change what did not.

The real challenge is to go even further and ensure a brighter future for all our kailian as we build on the foundation of years past and sustain our growth.

For the next two years, I ask, I plead, I beg for your continued support in this march towards a more progressive Ilocos Norte. Narimat nga arapaap, intay’ amin maragpat!

Dios iti agngina.

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