Uniformed personnel secure Ilocos Norte amidst COVID-19 threat


Mar. 18, 2020 ...

Members of the Philippine National Police and Philippine Army together with Health personnel are now conducting checkpoints in every boarder of Ilocos Norte's component cities and municipalities.

Through the full activation of Executive Order (EO) No. 60-20 on March 14, known as "An Order Placing Ilocos Norte Under Community Quarantine," military, paramilitary or security enforcers are ordered to implement quarantine measures or to facilitate the transport of people.

The Philippine National Police and Philippine Army were appointed a vital member of Task Force Salun-at, Ilocos Norte's prime medical team to decrease the spread of the coronavirus disease. As part of the province's measures in decreasing its transmission, all motorists are required to be tested using a thermal scanner and asked about their particular reason for travelling.

Moreover, with the recent national declaration placing the entire island of Luzon under enhanced community quarantine, heightened presence of uniformed personnel to enforce quarantine procedures is expected.

"We have instructed the PNP together with health personnel to setup COVID-19 checkpoints to monitor individuals coming in to the province: in Badoc, Nueva Era, and Pagudpud. We will deny entry all individuals entering Ilocos Norte with symptoms of COVID-19, unless they are residents of the province. We will also start collecting Health Information Forms. We will be aggressive in recording vital information of all entrants to Ilocos Norte," Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc declared. 

"Our boarders were regulated already even before the Luzon-wide enhance quarantine declaration by the president. With more thermal guns and more police personnel, the Armed Forces of the Philippines are there," he added.

"So under the enhanced community quarantine, wala talagang makapapasok unless they are under those specific exemptions, kapag makapasok man sila, they still need to undergo temperature check and fill out an information form." Governor Marcos Manotoc ended. ."