Senior BM Manotoc to new SK: "Listen to your constituents, projects should be people-based"

Jul 16, 2018 ...

Senior Board Member Matthew Marcos Manotoc urged the newly elected Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federated on Wednesday, "Listen to your constituents. Projects should be people-based. It really has to be grounded from a consultative decision."

He advised the youth officials to consult and work with the Ilocos Norte Youth Development Office (INYDO) and the Sirib Kabataan Ilocano Association (SIKA), headed respectively by Mr. Weenter Ventura and Mr. Gervy James Gumarit, for their considerable experience in community youth development.

As chair of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Committee on Youth, he also assured that his office would always be open to help and facilitate their projects.

He expressed his excitement and confidence that the new batch would "use their time and resources effectively. I don't think that they will focus on things that shouldn't be focused on. I'm sure they will do a lot of good work that will have tangible and long-lasting effects for the Ilocano youth."

Battle HIV, teen pregnancy

Manotoc also cited the increasing number of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cases and teenage pregnancies in the province.

On HIV, he emphasized the importance of awareness on its prevention and elimination: knowledge on how the virus is spread, linked health risks, symptoms, and possible treatment.

Manotoc also addressed the problem of stigma: "If wala na masyadong stigma, people will not be afraid to get tested. When they get tested, we should find the proper treatment."

On teenage pregnancy, "Contraception is something we really have to consider because if we look into the two problems [teenage pregnancy and HIV], both will be essentially prevented or at least minimized if it were for contraception."

He expounded, "It is better to be open about it, discuss it, and address it before sila maging curious."

Free contraceptives are provided by the Provincial Health Office (PHO) through Rural Health Units (RHUs), while the Department of Health (DOH) has made available HIV testing kits upon request at PHO.


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