PGIN to offer nat'l certificate assessment support for SHS tech-voc graduates


Oct. 14, 2019 ...

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN), through the Provincial Education Department (PED), opened the Competency Assessment Assistance Program (CAAP) for 350 senior high school (SHS) Technical–Vocational–Livelihood track graduates. 

The CAAP will finance the assessment fees of beneficiaries as aid in applying for Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Assessment and Certification.

"Sa mga SHS natin, kung gusto nilang magkaroon ng National Certificate II, the Provincial Government can fund that," Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc uttered during his "First 100 Days Report" last October 8.

Mrs. Matilde Nery, PED Officer-in-Charge, also explained: "Napagalaman kasi natin na ang national certificate ay napaka-importante pala para sa mga senior high school upang maging eligible sila for work. Sabi ni Governor na 'urgent matter' ito [CAAP] at gusto niyang ma-implement agad-agad.

"However, benefits vary. Depende kasi sa field na a-apply-an ng bata," she clarified.  

Interested applicants must present documentary requirements such as letter addressed to the governor, filled out profile form, assessment application form, photocopy of birth certificate, certificate of residency, and certificate of indigency.

Moreover, an applicant must obtain a certification from school principal or immersion supervisor, endorsing that he or she is qualified for assessment. 

Continuing its commitment to provide inclusive education opportunities to the Ilokano youth, PED is hopeful to expand the CAAP next year, accommodating the SHS Accountancy, Business and Management track graduates.

For submission of application and further inquiries, please visit PED at 2nd floor Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena, Laoag City.