Gov Marcos Manotoc at Open Capitol: "A celebration of Ilokano arts and culture"


Feb. 05, 2020 ...

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte, headed by Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc, led the celebration of the province's 202nd founding anniversary through the "Open Capitol" activity yesterday, February 3.

"The 'Open Capitol' had been a tradition initiated by Senator Imee Marcos to open up the Provincial Capitol building to the public for transparency and awareness of the Ilokanos. We celebrated Ilocos Norte's 202nd anniversary on 02-02-2020. Today, we celebrate Ilokano arts and culture; we celebrate our standout artists in the different forums of visual arts," Governor Marcos Manotoc stated during the opening program.

The celebration highlighted the "Ilokano Creatives Fest" that showcased Ilokano creativity from age-old crafts, digital arts, architecture, food, and events, through exhibitions, demonstrations, and fora.

Department of Tourism Regional Director Mr. Jeff Ortega who served as the opening speaker, also graced the whole-day celebration of the province.

"Today marks the 202nd founding anniversary of the province. Each passing year gives us the opportunity to remember and honor the progression of the province. Drawing inspirations from Ilokano culture, tradition, and artists, it is refreshing to see present artists who introduce and represent of what truly Ilocos Norte is. With these, we cannot deny that your province has been doing really great," Mr. Ortega expressed.

The kick-start of the celebration was launched on February 2, 2020, highlighting the official lighting of the "IN2020"art installation which is built with materials such as plastic bottles, rocks and pebbles, coconut husks, and damaged slippers which are usually found in the rich coast and vast dunes of Ilocos Norte. This aims to remind every Ilokanos of their responsibilities to the preservation and protection of the environment.

Thousands of students and citizens roamed around the Provincial Capitol and its vicinity to visit exhibits, demonstrations, and presentations of guest artists and professionals; and to explore the booths prepared by local government units and other departments and offices of the Provincial Government.

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Gov Marcos Manotoc at Open Capitol: "A celebration of Ilokano arts and culture"