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Updates on African Swine Fever-Affected Areas with Temporary Restrictions of Shipments to Ilocos Norte

January 30, 2020

In view of the on-going spread of the African Swine Fever in Region 3, Pangasinan, and other parts of mainland Luzon since the disease started, new outbreaks and cases occurred for the period December 2019 to January 2020. This bulletin provides updates on the areas affected by ASF as gathered from both regional and provincial technical staff of the affected areas and its nearby provinces. Below is the updated list where temporary restrictions in the transport of live hogs, hog semen, pork and pork products is imposed:

  1. Province of Rizal
  2. Quezon City, Malabon and Navotas in Metro Manila
  3. Province of Cavite particularly DasmariƱas, Bacoor, General Trias, Imus, Indang and General Mariano Alvarez
  4. Province of Bulacan
  5. Province of Pampanga
  6. Province of Nueva Ecija
  7. Capas, Tarlac City, Concepcion, La Paz, Victoria and Gerona in the Province of Tarlac
  8. Baler in the Province of Aurora
  9. Dinalupihan, Hermosa, and Samal in the Province of Bataan
  10. Mulanay and San Narciso in Quezon Province
  11. Mapandan, Bayambang, Binmaley, Malasiqui, Basista, Dagupan City, Urdaneta City and Asingan in the Province of Pangasinan

Results of investigation as mentioned by the sources of information showed that outbreaks were caused either by transporting live animals from previously infected areas or by swill from scrap meats of restaurants, resorts, hotels, canteens and eateries. In light of the new cases reported and the reoccurrence of the disease, the following are the necessary information that the public should know.

What is African Swine Fever (ASF)?

  • A devastating highly contagious hemorrhagic viral disease of domestic and wild pigs of all ages.
  • The disease is characterized by high fever, loss of appetite, hemorrhages on the skin and internal organs, and death which follows between 2-10 days on the average.
  • Mortality can be as high as 100%.
  • There is currently no vaccine against ASF, and no treatment available

Where is the disease found?

  • ASF is generally prevalent and endemic in countries of sub-Saharan Africa. The disease remains endemic in Italy (Sardinia).
  • ASF has devastated the pig population in some European countries, and in Asia particularly China, Vietnam, Laos PDR and other countries including the Philippines.
  • In the Philippines, the first case was reported in Rodriguez, Rizal in mid-2019 and has further spread to other regions in mainland Luzon.
  • Currently in Region 1, only Pangasinan is being devastated by the ASF virus.
  • Ilocos Norte is still FREE of the African Swine Fever virus.

How is ASF transmitted and spread?

  • The disease can be transmitted by:
    • Direct contact
    • Ingestion of garbage/swill feeds containing unprocessed infected pig meat or pig meat products
    • Ticks and biting flies
    • Contaminated premises, vehicles, equipment and clothing
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